About the Project:

Bridging Awareness and Innovation

#GoGreen - Youth Navigator is more than just a project; it's a commitment to creating positive change. Our initiative aims to address two critical Erasmus+ objectives simultaneously: raising awareness about environmental and climate goals and embracing innovative practices in the digital era. Through this project, we're on a journey to empower the youth work sector to champion environmental issues using digital tools that speak the language of young people.

Our Objectives:

Empowering Change-Makers

Global Capacity Building:We're building a strong consortium that fosters networking and cooperation within the global youth work sector. Our goal is to enhance education on environmental responsibility and sustainable living.

Youth Worker Empowerment:We provide participating youth workers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for effective sustainable living education. This project also aims to elevate their professional capabilities in this vital area.

Youth Ambassadors for Sustainability:Creating an enabling environment where youth workers become ambassadors of sustainable living. Together, we'll craft best practices that inspire and educate.

GreenBadges for Learning:Introducing the GreenBadges system—a recognition tool designed to promote sustainable living skills and attitudes. These badges will be integrated into Erasmus+ activities, fostering a culture of responsible living.

Planet-Friendly Tips:We're compiling a catalogue of "planet-friendly" tips that youth organizations and young individuals can seamlessly incorporate into their daily lives.

Leading by Example:Our youth workers and their organizations will become role models for responsible and sustainable living, showcasing the positive impact of these practices.

Digital Innovations:Exploring the potential of digital tools and gamification to engage and educate youth through Cities/Regions of Learning.

Contributing to Global Initiatives:Aligning with key initiatives such as the European Green Deal, Our Planet – Our Future Union youth initiative, European Youth Goals, and the UN's 2030 SDG strategy.

At #GoGreen - Youth Navigator, we're not just talking about change; we're actively creating it. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and empowered future. Be a part of the movement today!

Stay tuned for updates, events, and resources that will guide you on your sustainable living path. Together, we can make a difference.

Project Information

#GoGreen - Youth Navigator is a Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth, under the framework of Erasmus+ Program, that will bridge two programme objectives:

  • to support awareness-raising on the environmental and climate goals
  • taking up innovative practices in a digital era.

The project main aim thereafter is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable living by empowering the youth work sector across the globe to raise awareness on environmental issues by personal example and digital tools – the language of young people. The specific objectives of #GoGreen - Youth Navigator are:

  1. To build the capacity of consortium and foster networking and cooperation of the youth work sector on a global level in terms of environmental-responsible and sustainable living education;
  2. To provide participating youth workers with knowledge, skills & attitudes necessary for sustainable living education and support their professionalization in the area;