About Us:

At #GoGreen - Youth Navigator, we are a consortium of passionate organizations committed to making a positive impact on the environment and youth empowerment. Our diverse backgrounds and shared values have brought us together to create meaningful change on a global scale.

Our Inspiration:

United by the European Green Deal and SDG 2030

Our journey began with the inspiration drawn from the European Green Deal and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although our consortium members have varied missions and engage in different activities, we unanimously agreed that prioritizing sustainable living among young people was our collective duty. We recognized the urgency of contributing to the vital appeals of the EU and the global community for environmental awareness.

Our Common Ground:

Building Capacity and Encouraging Positive Change

While we hail from different regions and cultural contexts, our shared vision led us to a remarkable realization. Each of our organizations needed to integrate environmental awareness into our activities, even if to varying degrees. We also recognized the potential of youth work to infuse the "Green deal" with a spirit of positivity and creativity that resonates with young individuals worldwide.

Spreading the Message:

Youth Organizations as Exemplars

We understood that for true change to occur, youth organizations across the globe must serve as shining examples of eco-friendly and responsible living. This involved not only spreading the message but also activating our peer organizations to lead by example for their target groups.

Innovative Approaches:

Embracing the Digital Landscape

Through our past and ongoing projects focusing on youth work digitalization and creative thinking for social youth entrepreneurship & social innovation, our consortium possesses a robust theoretical and practical foundation to reach youth in their digital "eco-system." We're blending environmental and climate goals with innovative digital practices, harnessing the potential of technology to drive our mission forward.

Our Innovation:

GreenBadges and Beyond

A highlight of our project is the introduction of GreenBadges, a new recognition tool designed to embed sustainable living into Non Formal Education (NFE) activities, including STEC and local initiatives. By earning badges through engaging activities, young people will naturally adopt eco-friendly behaviours, seamlessly integrating responsible living into their Erasmus+ experiences.

Driving Change:

Digital Dissemination for Impact

Our project's dissemination strategy is innovative and youth-centric, tapping into the trends that resonate with digital natives. Leveraging social media challenges as a positive means to showcase daily responsibility towards the planet creates a ripple effect of awareness and engagement. We believe that this approach can go viral, harnessing the power of social media to inspire global change.

Joining Forces:

Cities of Learning for Sustainable Impact

Through the Cities of Learning platform, our partners are collaborating to create lasting impact in selected regions. This transnational platform is a hub for environmental and sustainable living education, reaching youth in more than 25 cities and regions. Our project synergizes with this initiative, allowing us to collectively build a foundation for youth work in this crucial field.

At #GoGreen - Youth Navigator, we're not just advocating for change – we're catalyzing it. Join us on this groundbreaking journey towards a greener future, where young people lead the charge for sustainability. Together, we are writing a new chapter in environmental education and youth empowerment.