CODEC stays for Association for European Cooperation, Development and Communication. Mission of our organization is to promote European policies and values that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

At CODEC, you will meet design thinkers, project managers, communicators, education specialists, and technology and social media experts that can respond to your organisation's needs and understand the social challenges you wish to address. Participation forms the core of our methodology and is central to our creativity. Our projects and campaigns engage people of all ages.

We take an idea, share it among protagonists and empower them to get actively involved. Our activities are based on the following principle: on entrusting people to define the problem of significance to them, acquire knowledge about it, envision possible solutions and then take action to address the problem and bring about change. Our core team consists of specialised and versatile staff, of different nationalities. Each day, they bring their specific expertise, diverse cultural insights, and joint commitment to social change - to everything we do. Our global network of partners and collaborators shares our participatory methodology, and enables us to develop projects anywhere in the world.

Currently CODEC vzw team is composed from 3 permanent not-paid staff and 2 volunteers. CODEC has been already implementing projects in the field of youth workers professionalization, environmental and sustainable living education.