Badgecraft Ireland is a small size educational technology development company. We develop a multilingual platform ( to recognise any achievements and using global standard of digital Open Badges ( and city-based learning infrastructure. We work as technical partner for European large-scale projects and organisations that are willing to adapt Open Badges technology to their needs and context.

In our team we have “in house” back-end and software developers and we cooperate on a project basis with freelancers who deliver UX/UI design services, front-end/mobile App programming services, visual graphic design services.

In our team, we also have experienced youth and community work, and training experts.

We provided technical development services for strategic partnerships. Together with other partner organizations we built platforms to enable learning and recognition of competence acquired in the non-formal education and vocational education fields.

We are maintaining and developing the online platform for Cities and Regions of Learning together with a range of NGOs and municipalities in Europe.