JumpIN Hub - Association for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

JumpIN Hub - Association for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization established in 2019, in Portugal. This Association aims to promote an innovation and development ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurship, promoting research, the development and implementation of innovation-inducing practices within the scope of business, public and 3rd Sector organizations, in a local, regional, national context and international.

JumpIN Hub's main objective is to promote, in a sustainable way, innovation and entrepreneurship as promoters of development in the social and business areas, through integrated education and supported by non-formal education methodologies, for young people (NEET) and adults , covering 3 main areas:

  • Socio-cultural education
  • Education for personal development
  • Professional qualification

Following this, the Association offers various services and promotes activities in the areas of professional training and development of personal skills through formal and non-formal methodologies, in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, and in the areas of digital skills and communication, through workshops,seminars and other learning-promoting activities.